Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Not much news on my car as I am still waiting to hear back on the report from the inspector from our insurance but we do have news on the truck.
When the truck was getting hooked up to be towed the driver mentioned to Phil that there had been instances of problematic gasoline in our area. It was the first we had heard about it. We had done some reading about it and the signs seemed to line up with our trucks problems. Today we found out for certain that our truck had fuel with a too high ethanol level in it. Here's the most recent article I could find about the fuel problem. This is what made it respond out of character when Phil accelerated. Unfortunately for our insurance company who is already eating the results of my car mishap and the cost to tow the truck, they'll now be dishing out the money for this truck repair as well. What is unfortunate for them is definitely to our advantage! So now we can relax a bit and sit back and wait for everything to pan out and get fixed.

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