Sunday, June 21, 2009


To add to our very extraordinary first week back from Disney, we are now officially out the truck as well! It gave Phil a little trouble on the way home on Friday. On Saturday when he went to go get some extra oil to top it off, he couldn't even get the thing moving enough to get around the block well. We tried to caravan both of our vehicles to the Nissan dealership we were already planning on taking my car to for repairs. Unfortunately we couldn't even get the truck a couple miles away. So...
NOW both our vehicles are at Nissan and hopefully they'll be able to fix up everything and get it working again. In the mean time, we're super glad we have rental coverage on our insurance policy!

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Amber said...

GIRL! Not the other one, too!!! UGH! Well, hopefully it will be just a short time, and you'll have them both back with little expense. That's what I'm believing for. :)