Friday, June 12, 2009

Disney World Day 4

If walking the kids around and showing them new things is a passion of mine, then today would have been... well, the best day ever! Today we went to Animal Kingdom. It's kinda like a zoo... but not at all. I know, I can appreciate the irony here. They have a load of animals but you see them way more in their natural habitat. Disney seems to be really good at letting animals just be but having them do that where you can kinda see them. The boys got to see so much today!
This is under the Tree of Life, which is the center of this theme park. There are all sorts of animals "carved" into the trunk of the tree (which isn't really a live tree at all, of course).
The safari ride is great! We might have just been lucky, but we saw a whole herd or rhino, giraffes, hippos, a couple lions laying in the sun and more birds then we could count.
Then we headed out to the Conservation Station where the boys got to pet some animals. I usually avoid petting zoos on a whole. Poop on your shoes and crusty animal yuck on your hands does not sound like fun to me. Here it was clean and the animals were friendly so the boys had a great time feeling the different animals there.
Goofy and Pluto in Dinoland. Getting closer to the main cheese. Maybe tomorrow?
Dinoland was Jeremiah's favorite part, I think.

Us at the end of the day with the tree of life in the background. Think the boys are a little tired??
Tomorrow is our last day in the parks here. We've had so much fun! I've decided not to think about having to go home again yet. That means dishes and laundry and all that... and I'm just not ready for that yet. One more day to enjoy just being us together.

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