Thursday, June 11, 2009

Disney World Day 3

We made it through what should be the hottest day of our trip by ducking into air conditioned places as often as we could and drinking a huge amount of water between the four of us. Today we started out at Downtown Disney at the Lego store. Exciting stuff when you're this age!
You could build your own car and race against other people. Good stuff! We picked up a few pieces we had been wanting for the boys (mostly so they'll stop arguing over the ones we have). We even got a couple engraved with their names on them. Talk about cool!
Today we spent our one day at Hollywood Studios. There really wasn't much here for us since the boys aren't big enough for the really huge rides yet. Someday...
The huge Mickey hat was met with much excitement, though!
After getting tired of not finding much to do, we went back over to Epcot. I think that's our favorite.
Here's the boys learning a little about Archeology and China. I've come to realize I'm a complete geek about teaching them stuff. All the other parents were just letting their kids roam and look. I'm down on one knee trying to talk with them about digging and finding fun things under the dirt and archeology and cultures. Yep. A total geek.
After stopping back in Japan to finish off our tour of the countries, we happened across this little gem. She comes out a few times a day to make Japanese candy for some of the kids around here. She just happened to make one for Josh and Jeremiah. They asked for a fish... but got a shark. Good enough for them!
This is their shark later at our hotel room. Mommy broke the tail a little on accident :( They ate it shortly after anyway. Still tasted the same.
The past few days we've been trying to give the boys a few opportunities to just run wild for a bit. This evening the fountains at Downtown Disney provided that. It was on our way home to our hotel.
I can't believe we get to do 2 more days of this! We could not have asked for a better vacation!

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