Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Things

With the coming of Halloween bring all sorts of Fall festivals and fall-based fun. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, I'll admit. Unfortunately our weather here this season has been a bit bi-polar. Early this week I reluctantly turned on the heater after just having had the A/C on the week before and now we're back to running the A/C again. In spite of that, we're trying to get out and enjoy the seasons festivities.
Last night was the fall festival at Joshua's school.
The face painting was the highlight for sure!
Josh tried the cake walk but unfortunately didn't get to bring one home. It all worked out, though, since I just took a cake out of the oven anyway.
Then today we went to Hunt Club Farm. It was good fun for the four of us to get out and enjoy the warmer weather today.
This is Jeremiah up on a playset being a pirate.
For some reason it was next to impossible to get both boys with faces and eyes both pointed toward the camera, so yes, this is as good as it gets.
They had this huge stack of hay to play in. It was our favorite part I think. Good clean fun. Hard to break hay and hard to break yourself with it either. Every time you fall you're greeted with a nice soft pile of hay.
Josh was jumping and rolling down it. Jeremiah was a bit more hesitant. Finally got him to take the risk.
Not so easy to convince them to smile when they're sweaty and worn out from playing on a huge pile of hay either.
We were able to take a hay ride as well, which was pretty fun.
We even picked up a couple more pumpkins so we could all have our own.
With the weather (theoretically) gradually cooling off, all the leaves changing color and all this fun stuff to do how could anyone not love this season??

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