Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oceana Air Show

This weekend was the Oceana Air Show here. Despite the unseasonal cold weather we had a good time. Riverine Squadron 1 was there with a couple boats (with big guns included). The boys had a good time seeing Daddy's work boats and I'm pretty sure Daddy had a good time showing them off.
Josh got the idea of the scope on his own. This worries me a little.
These are my guys and I love them so much. Can you blame me?
Josh driving...
Jeremiah shooting. Bad guys beware!!
Believe it or not, there was some other stuff there as well, though not nearly as interesting, in my opinion.
And thus begins the story of the lollipop. The gracious and giving USO had a booth there with lollipops. The boys were hungry and Phil was off getting coffee. Sounds like a good way to pacify them for the time being. It was a good idea to start with. They both really enjoyed them.
Jeremiah finished his first. Jeremiah milked his along till barely anything was left (in front of the Air Force Mustang).
Then somewhere around here he dropped it. He, of course, wanted to just wipe it off, but the idea of that just grossed me out. So we threw it away.
(This is Jeremiah saying "CHEEEEEEEEEESE!")
And thus ensue the pouting...
(with the Blue Angels in the background).
He did eventually start to get over it. Here the boys are in a very cool helicopter. Josh missed the magic of it, though.
We really did have a good time and brought a few free fun things home as well. Funny part of that is their favorite thing they brought home: a balloon. No helium. Not blown up or anything. Doesn't take much, I suppose.

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