Friday, October 30, 2009

A Drive

Today I was feeling impatient waiting for the night to come around when Phil would be home. I'm still impatient, but a drive out to Pungo (the country part of Virginia Beach) helped a lot!
We had no plan of where to go. Just drove around looking at interesting things. This is a great time of year to do that!
Completely on accident we found this educational little gem.
It's a 1 room schoolhouse from 1915. It was an elementary school in Virginia Beach for "black students." This lead to a really interesting conversation between Joshua and myself about how people used to think there were differences between people just because the color their skin happened to be. They were wrong, but it took them a long time to figure that out. Joshua got it, I think since he corrected me in saying that they're actually brown, not black.

The windows are barely doing their job of keeping out the elements, but I was able to sneak a couple pictures through them.

Then we stopped by a farm stand. We had visited this one to pick strawberries in the spring. It wasn't manned, but you could pick up things on the honor system. We got some potatoes, apples and flowers. I love locally grown produce! This is dried okra (intended for decoration).

The best part of our whole adventure this afternoon: the sandbox. It wasn't a box at all really. Just an area of sand with all sorts of toys for the boys to play with. I'm pretty sure they played for over an hour and still didn't want to leave.
What is it about sand mixed with toys? Nothing else holds their interest for nearly as long!
The boys helped me pick some flowers and then I dragged them back home. Maybe we'll be able to make it back again sometime before winter kicks in. It was a perfect afternoon!

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Amber said...

You all have the BEST adventures!