Monday, October 19, 2009

Joshua's Emotions

I figure it's probably alright for me to blog about this now since it will be completely off limits 10 or so years from now. Joshua is getting quite in touch with his emotions lately. Most importantly, he's come to realize that him feeling specific feelings can affect his parents. Maybe if Mommy sees that I'm really sad about a decision she's made she'll change her mind.
Tonight it came to a pretty hillarious pinnacle. I honestly don't even remember what it was that made him upset. Maybe I wouldn't play Candyland with him for the 4th day in a row. Not sure. What I do remember vividly was Joshua walking into the room looking pretty much like this:
I had watched a show or read an article at some point about kids and emotions and how girls seem to be much more naturally attuned to other people's emotions. They suggested talking with boys about it to try and give them a bit more of an advantage in this department. I found this little tool when we were at Disneyworld and every now and then the boys change it but usually it stays in it's place at "happy."
Joshua had gone into the kitchen and grabbed his tool hoping to more successfully communicate what he was feeling (as if the pink eyes and big lip weren't enough). It didn't exactly have the affect he was looking for. I cracked up laughing and grabbed the camera. Not my best mothering moment, I know. I think I made up for it later, though...
No, this wasn't a reward for his pouting earlier. I had to take this picture because a while later when I decided to give the boys a treat before bath and bed, Josh grabbed his magnet again to adjust it.

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