Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today the focus was just enjoying Halloween together. Phil got in super late last night so we were just really glad to have the time together.
We've been waiting to carve our pumpkins until Daddy came home.
Daddy had to help with Joshua's. Still not quite coordinated enough.
Jeremiah drawing his design on his pumpkin.

Finally after dinner it was time to get dressed up and hit the road. Joshua was Spiderman and Jeremiah a pirate. He did still change his mind 3 times just today on what he wanted to dress up as. Unfortunately for him Mommy doesn't have any spare dragon costumes just laying around.
It was over 80 degrees here today. Weird, I know. Joshua was especially sweaty from his little mask. Nevertheless, the candy was still totally worth it.
I'm pretty sure Jeremiah ate his entire weight in candy tonight. Tomorrow is when candy moderation begins. I figure they can have one night.
Our pumpkins. In order they are: Jeremiah, Joshua, Phil and me. Mine was the pumpkin Joshua picked out on his school field trip that he then decided he didn't want to the be the one to carve. Both of the boys are hand drawn. Jeremiah said his looked scary. Josh was focused on shapes this year. Phil did his freehand. I am majorly impressed! His candle just wasn't cooperating when I took the picture. Mine... well... I did whatever the pumpkin would let me and worked hard at it! The pumpkin had the toughest skin I've ever cut through. The booger hanging out it's nose is my way of getting revenge.
So goodnight, Halloween. We enjoyed you a lot! Until next year!

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