Sunday, November 23, 2008

Church Shopping

I think this is my least favorite part about moving. It is impossible to take with you the church you've come to know and love. You have to start from scratch for the most part.
Hunting for the right church makes me question all I expect to find in a church. Is finding a church with music that I'm comfortable with important enough to be a make or break issue? What if the pastor that one week happens to be less-then entertaining that one week we visit? How do you judge an entire church on just one week? Ideally you could visit a church several weeks to get an overall feel, but with the number of churches here, we could spend our whole 3+ years here just trying out different churches! That seems to defeat the point. Last night I was up well past everyone else worrying that we'll never find a church that will feel like home again. It's an ungrounded fear since that has never happened, but my brain seldom works logically when it comes to fears. This morning, I still have no idea where we're going to "try out" this morning. I know that no church will be perfect since every church is full of imperfect people. I guess I'm just looking forward to this part of our settling in to be... well... settled.

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Kaci said...

We also have struggled with finding a church, and a few of the churches here have put a bad taste in our mouth when it comes to certain legalistic ideas. Kind of annoying to want to go to church, but not really have a place that fits. Of course, no where fits like home.