Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome Back, Daddy... Farewell Daniel

Phil had barely made it in when the kids were giving him a hearty welcome... a round of Daddy wrestling on the floor. We love having Phil back with us!

We have been busy since he's been here, though! He's officially checked into his new command with the Riverines. We are so glad he doesn't leave until January for the rest of his schooling. We put an offer in a house and should get official word on the outcome of that tomorrow. Things are looking good, though! In the mean time, we're getting to know the area all over again. For me it's pretty much like the first time, but for Phil he's having to learn how to maneuver around all the things that have changed in the past few years. This is the carousel at the local mall here. It has all my favorite mall stores all in one place... I'm hooked!
We've also been able to catch up with some friends... and just in time! Some of our other friends from when we were in Italy, Daniel and Katie (and their baby Aubrey) are living here in the area as well. Daniel is preparing to deploy soon, so we stopped by to pray for him and wish him well on his trip. Please be praying for their little family in the coming months.
Overall, Phil and I were just talking tonight about how we are feeling really at home here. This feels like where we're supposed to be and we couldn't be happier about it. The speed limit just about everywhere around here is 45 and everything feels so convenient. Since I was the one from our family so opposed to moving back to Virginia, it has been nothing short of a small miracle that God could have changed my heart to feeling at peace with all of this! Hopefully more news about the house soon!

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MOM said...

Sounds like things are going well for all of you. Been wondering but didn't want to disrupt your time with Phil now that he is home again. I am happy for you that you have been having a change of heart. Never doubted that it would happen though. Halloween went well, about 325 people came. Smaller than last year but felt like it was a success. This weekend is Coats for Kids. Expecting 500 kids with their parents. Coats are bought and dinner makings have been ordered. Next order is to get packed for Cabo and prepare to rest. Yea! Love you bunches and miss you more.