Saturday, November 29, 2008

The New House

Welcome to our new house!

Still working on unpacking, so there are boxes everywhere, but we get more done every day.

That's Phil's new TV Jeremiah is watching. We have some pictures on the wall, but most aren't where they will end up.

We're starting to decorate for Christmas a little as well. That fireplace insert actually heats the house more efficiently, which is nice.

This is the wet bar. A little psychedelic now with the mirror and the red light, but we're hoping to bring it into the new century while we're here.

I've actually hung pictures in here now. Just wanted to give you and idea of the room.
Sad news on my piano was that it won't play since we got it put together. Hopefully I'll hear back from the company soon and we can have someone fix it out here.

The kitchen is way bigger then it seems. This picture is taken from the dinning room table and the door off to the left is the living room. Directly to the right of this shot is the hallway that leads to the bedrooms.

The spare room is more a holding room for now but that will change soon.

The spare bathroom has developed the most noxious smell I've ever encountered. It's not outright bad like sewage so we haven't been able to figure it out. We have an exterminator coming tomorrow hoping it's something dead behind the wall and nothing more major.

This is Joshua and Jeremiah's new room. It has two closets that are adjoined so they each get their own. The horseshoes are cute, but I'll paint over them eventually with something more fitting. The bunk with slide is technically Josh's since it's a twin, but Jeremiah definitely feels it's part his with his little toddler bed underneath. He loves having his own little cave under there!

This is our new room that also now has more pictures then this. Still looking for our bed skirt if anyone has seen it...
The sliding glass doors lead out to the deck and to the backyard. Makes for a pretty nice view. Bathroom is off to the left at the end of the dresser.

This is the master bathroom that we've all been using due to the monstrous aforementioned smell.

This is our pitiful little backyard full if landmines from the old owner's pets. I'm hoping by spring they will have gone away. The shed is off to the left with the ramp.
So that's our new house for the most part. Kinda hard to take pictures in small spaces. As I've mentioned before, we have quite a bit less room then our last house, but we're making do. We are loving the kitchen. It's laid out really well. Eventually we'll be loving the garage, but it's full of boxes right now. We're starting to feel a little more at home here each day as we get a little more settled in. And to think... we might be doing this all over again in 3 1/2 years. We won't talk about all that quite yet. Focus on the task before us first.


Mike Foster said...

So I'm guessing there is no large heating oil beast in the basement. Good we won't have to be moving that. Glad you are getting settled.

MOM said...

Tell Mike no, there is no oil tank but does he know anything about smells coming out of the bathroom? LOL