Friday, November 28, 2008

A Little Out of Touch

We've moved into the new house and even had our first holiday here! We still don't have internet, TV or phone (other then cell phones). We're making do and making headway with unpacking. Phil's Mom and step-dad were able to come down from Maryland for the holiday which made the whole day so much better. The boys love visiting with them. We had a couple of people from Phil's work come over as well. Jeremiah's new word from yesterday was, "pie!"
Now that the holiday is over and we have a bit of a break before Christmas, we can begin to tackle the millions of boxes that are hiding in our closets, garage and shed out back. We're comfortable for the time being, but would like to find things like our toaster.
I'd forgotten how much I dislike this part of relocating. It's easy to forget how much junk you've allowed to collect in your home when you don't have to sort through it all, pull it out of boxes and find a place for it in your new home. There's now a large line up of boxes in our spare bedroom of things to get rid of.
We hope all of our friends and loved ones had a great Thanksgiving this year, even though we couldn't be with most everyone. We definitely would have like to be! Have a great season and remember when you're out buying so much this next month that you'll eventually have to find a place for it all. Trust me, I know! Happy Holidays!

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MOM said...

Just know that celebrating Thanksgiving without children and grandchildren was just as difficult for us as it was for you. We have so much to be thankful for because we have gotten to have so much time with you and your family this year but it is still hard at the holidays. Love you and miss you immensely!