Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

There is no better way to wait for Daddy to arrive then home something major to distract you... like obnoxious amounts of candy being handed to you from strangers as you walk door to door. Last night we went out with Laura and Tyler in search of a full bucket of candy. Ours were paint buckets decorated up for Halloween that Phil's Mom made. We had several people comment on them!
Jeremiah was still not feeling well, but with the help of some Motrin he seemed good to go. I think he enjoyed the evening the most even though I ended up carrying him the whole time.

Here in Virginia, lots of people decorate things up a lot for Halloween, so it made the day even better! Jeremiah loved all the lit up pumpkins and things that made noise when you walked by. Josh had a bit of a hard time seeing in his costume, but carried his little flashlight/lantern (the little green thing in the picture above) and had several big kids holler a, "hi, Batman!" when he walked by.

Last week we carved a pumpkin over webcam with Daddy which was cool, but since he pretty much died on us as the week progressed, we decided to carve a new one yesterday with Laura and Tyler. Josh did the eyes and nose, Jeremiah did the mouth. They really liked scooping out all the seeds, though!
Today has been a great day!! The boys slept in a little and were still in their PJ's when Daddy drove up. They were so excited to see him! We all took a long nap and now are just enjoying having time to be together. It's definitely relaxing knowing he's not leaving again anytime soon. Hope everyone else found something fun and festive to do for Halloween!

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