Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And the Walls Come a Tumblin' Down

Josh says "you need to finish ripping the wall down." Which I find ironic considering his name and my favorite old choir song, "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho." Might not be the actual title, but you get the idea. So yesterday we got our permit and promptly went to work tearing up the ugly ugly garage we bought when we purchased this house. Today during nap time I got a bit more work done and have filled our garbage to the brim with siding!
I have touched more dead bugs today then I'd like to admit, but got a sizable portion taken down. I did also find out that it would be far cheaper for us to haul all the siding in our truck to the dump then pay for a dumpster to be delivered! Thank God (literally) for our truck! Looks like we have quite a bit to do this weekend! Hopefully we can get another friend with a truck to go with us (hint hint Matt;) ) since it will cost us less that way. Either way it looks like our siding project that has always seemed to daunting is starting to become doable one step at a time! Talked to the realtor yesterday and her reaffirmed the necessity of completing this project before listing, so please be praying for us with all this work we have ahead!

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Anne said...

hahaha...i'm sure you can borrow the truck although we are going away this weekend (yes I am retreating!!!!) :)