Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Little Cake and a Little Boy

This is my next to last cake. It's a sample of three different new techniques I learned tonight. The left is supposed to look like a piece of cloth draped around. The center is called a handkerchief. You'd make probably 7 more of these to cover the entire top. The one on the far right is more like ribbons. You can do the garland look and then the bottom is folded around. I think they all look really cool in their own ways. My very last cake for all the classes will be in 2 weeks.
Grabbed this picture of Jeremiah earlier that I love, so I thought I'd share. He definitely got Daddy's eyes.

While we're working on updates, Jeremiah said his first word today! He looked at the cake I was putting on the board to get ready for tonight and very carefully said "k..ake.." Later when we were getting ready to go he pulled "sek" out of his newfound vocabulary (referring to the sock I was presently putting on his foot.) It's nice to have a little more then "Dada" and "this." We'll see how long it takes him to catch up to Josh now!

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