Monday, April 21, 2008

Just a few updates...

We were able to borrow a trailer from someone in the church to go and get the siding and bring it back home yesterday. John Bychowski was so much help! We put a trailer onto the truck for the first time ever (which I had absolutely no idea how to do!). Our friend Andy helped drive the truck (since I was completely certain that if I drove I would hit someone or something or get it stuck somewhere). The trip was uneventful for the most part and now the siding is waiting patiently to find a new home on the sides of our garage.
As for Phil we're waiting for the podiatrist to call so we can get Phil in sometime to have it looked at. His LPO called today and arranged to have Phil work the mid-shift. That won't be a lot of fun, but that means I can drive him down at night and he'll have someone to drive him home so I won't have to load the boys up to go get him. The one who is bringing him home has even offered to spend some time on the garage when he brings him home. It's going to be very interesting few weeks trying to just get through regular life stuff, not to mention the big projects we have in the works, so please be praying for us!

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