Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Plans of Mice and Men...

Today was a day of surprises, I guess. We'll start with the biggest one and work our way back. Phillipp broke his foot... kinda. He rolled his ankle and called me to tell me so while I was out running errands with the boys. He has a 1 inch fracture is about as much as we know. They told him if he puts any weight on it he will break it. Good thing he had been trying to walk on it before, huh? We will know more after he goes in again tomorrow morning whether he'll be in a permanent cast or not. I never thought I'd ever say this but our truck is too small! I went and spent a small fortune on siding for the garage today and pulled around to load it on the truck only to find it was a foot or so too long (even with a flag) to drive home with in the back of our truck. There was thing we could do to get it home that wasn't really likely to break it along the way. Fortunately we have a really awesome church family here that has told me they'll help us go get our siding from Gurnee and bring it home. Now to get finish getting that old stuff off and to the dump so we can work on getting the new stuff on. Trust, me for these reasons and more we really did consider having someone else do it, but we just flat out can't afford to do it that way. I'd just like to point out that in light of all this how great of timing this is for Phil's foot to have failed him! Neither of us are pleased about that.
Oh and not so much a surprise, but I'm finally done with our back porch/ sun room. The hardware part of it has been done for a month or so but I finally found the finishing touch for the decor out there. Hope you like it as much as I do. Josh asks to eat breakfast out there every morning now!
So with all that said and done, please be praying for us! We were hoping to list the house in just a couple weeks but have two major projects that have to be finished before then and with these recent developments, it seems like that might just be plain impossible. Pray that we will have patience and trust with all this. Oh and if you want to come help work on the siding or basement projects, you are more then welcome! I've found tearing the siding off actually releases a lot of stress and aggression. You're more then welcome to try it!


Anonymous said...
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MOM said...

Looks cute. I found some cafe bistro things I almost bought for out there. Good thing I didn't. Thats looks good.