Monday, April 14, 2008

"Feeding 3 Things"

Today our little adventure was feeding ducks, geese and seagulls. Our little genius points out "Today we're feeding free [three] things." This was our reward for spending time waiting to get a permit to do the siding for the garage at city hall today. The boys LOVE this! They shriek and giggle. I get rid of our old bread heels that no one appreciates around here. I did notice something that warmed my heart about these feathered friends today.
This little couple spent the entire time together while we were there. They seemed inseparable! I'm no biologist, but I was able to figure out these two were probably mates. I felt so fortunate to be Phil's little brown duck today.

On a side note... I have NO idea why that all decided to be underlined. Hope you were able to read it anyway!

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Ginger said...

How fun to feed ducks!

The underlining won't happen if you write your post first (or at least a line or two of it) and be careful how you put your photos in. I've noticed that if they're too closely placed, the ensuing text gets underlined. Why, I don't know. That's about the extent of my expertise!