Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cold Toes and Warm Cookies

As you might have guessed, things around here have been a little crazy and even a bit overwhelming this last week as we figure out how to live life and get things done under these new circumstances. Lots happened yesterday! Phil got his cast on finally! Just four to six weeks from now he'll be a free man and will probably never let me drive him anywhere ever again! For the record, it rained a lot on Friday, so... sorry there's mud on the floor... and the Mickey is totally Jeremiah!
Somewhere along the way we finally got Phil's MTS certificate, so thought you might like to see it.
We also found out from our team of experts on Friday that we still have a lot of work ahead of us with the garage. They will lend us the necessary ladders to get the rest down and the new stuff up, but since the building is so big we'll have to use that trailer again just to get the ladders here! On top of that there will be a considerable amount of window work and more supplies to get before we can even start putting up the new siding. The unfortunate part with all this is we're expecting another week of pretty cool weather which may slow progress a bit.
We were at least able to have some friends over Friday night and stare at the building a while. It at least looks like progress has been made at least!
This morning was Josh's first actual soccer game. It was also freezing cold and windy enough to blow Jeremiah over. With two layers of sweatshirt and Daddy's beanie (it was all we had in the truck) we survived with little to no frostbite and got a very proud son to show for it! The score for this first game was 0-0 (not that we're keeping track, of course.) The entire game consisted of 10-12 kids running in a group trying very hard to get a kick in at one little soccer ball. Josh got to throw the ball in once, at least!
Last bit for now is Joshua drooling over cookies we made last night. I started up a blog mostly for my own purposes to log my favorite recipes with pictures of them for future reference, so I went to take pictures of a cookie recipe that's been a big hit here... and this is what I ended up with...

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