Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Start of Something New

Here are the "before" pictures to the latest big project (and the most expensive). After lots of hard work and help from a friend (thanks, Jake!) all our furniture is elsewhere in the house and as I write the hardwood downstairs is being sanded and stained. Tomorrow it will be sealed. In the mean time the 4 of us are stuck upstairs trying to entertain ourselves in cramped quarters. It will be one of the major projects we needed to do in the house completed, but it's going to be a long few days before we can move all the furniture back! We still have all our regular things to do (work, doctor's appointments and a cake class to prepare for). From here on out we're going to have to walk around the outside of our house to use the kitchen for anything. It will be an adventure trying to figure all of it out!

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