Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Step Forward and a Step Back

Today Phil was brought home from work by Eric (seen in next picture down, blue shirt) who then helped make more progress on the garage. This was a huge blessing to us since I was already skipping work to take Phil to his podiatrist appointment at 9. The big step forward is that this entire wall of the garage is done!! The sliding door is down and every single piece of the old stuff is gone! Thanks so much, Eric!!
The step back happened at the doctor's when we found out that because of Phil's foot still being so swollen, they still can't put the permanent cast on it. So now we need to get the swelling to go down and maybe when he goes back on Friday they'll put a permanent cast on... which means 4-6 weeks from then he'll be getting it off. This poses all sorts of problems and difficulties, the most important of which is the timing of being able to list the house. I'm trying hard to sit back and trust that this is all for the best and God has lead us to this point just like all the others we've been through, but it's certainly not easy to understand. We're hanging in there so far. The help we've gotten from our friends has been a huge help and my job being understanding about me not being able to be there has really taken the stress level down a notch! Please be praying for us as we maneuver these waters each day trying to make this all work.
On a side note, doesn't the garage look like it's straight out of an old western now?? Accidentally had the camera still on the B&W setting when I went to take this picture, but love how it ended up! Yehaw!


B&D Neuman said...

Looks great in B&W - - -Love ya! -- Dani

B&D Neuman said...

Looks fabulous in B&W....Great pic. I love that you know that God is guiding you with all these challenges. Just wonder what he has in store for you next. As long as you are wondering and praying you know that it's all about learning how to handle all of the future stuff! - Love, Dani